more mourning

1:43pm 8/25/2020

Sports grief isn't quite the same as mortal threat grief from disease or fire, but it hurts nonetheless.


6:07pm 8/18/2020

There is a child inside you who is trying to raise a child in me.

hello again

10:53am 7/31/2020

I return from the cold.

next to godliness

4:13pm 1/28/2010

I ruminate on conclusions one can draw from a tidy office, and lament a recent favorite band's venture into shlock.


4:19pm 1/27/2010

My fatal flaw in most things is that when i get involved in a challenge, i will not rest until i best said challenge. Be that building shelves, mounting a TV on the wall, or writing code.

Ancient figures huddling around some unknown interest The view down from my room on the 23rd floor Lounging next to the door The Lincoln memorial, as the sun pokes out from the haze Another 60's compendium find Andrei and Dave at an old favorite, the Purple Onion

My Bloody Valentine and Spectrum
Concourse Exhibition Center, San Francisco, CA

September 30, 2008

What? WHAT?


Sad Robots (2008)

A gorgeously mellow ep convinces me to get off my butt and start documenting my musical passions once more.


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