next to godliness

4:13pm 1/28/2010

I ruminate on conclusions one can draw from a tidy office, and lament a recent favorite band's venture into shlock.


4:19pm 1/27/2010

My fatal flaw in most things is that when i get involved in a challenge, i will not rest until i best said challenge. Be that building shelves, mounting a TV on the wall, or writing code.

snap crackle & bop

12:23pm 1/26/2010

I've been on a Martin Hannett kick lately, and this John Cooper Clarke tidbit resonates with my recent Facebook/Twitter rants.

a conflict of allegiances

9:47pm 1/25/2010

The NFC championship game yesterday would've given a high school-era Ted fits of doubt over which of his two randomly chosen favorite teams to support.

turn it off, man, turn it off

5:37pm 1/22/2010

I want to read your most important thoughts, but I don't want to spend much time on them.

An axial T1-weighted MR slice showing my basal ganglia and frontal and parietal lobes All tuckered out The intersection of the three rivers A sleepy Savannah and Ted on the ferry to Geiranger A view of the Atlanta skyline from a tranquil waterfall in Olympic park Ted relaxes on a lounge chair as the sunlight fades away

My Bloody Valentine and Spectrum
Concourse Exhibition Center, San Francisco, CA

September 30, 2008

What? WHAT?


Sad Robots (2008)

A gorgeously mellow ep convinces me to get off my butt and start documenting my musical passions once more.


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1. Delorean
Apar (2013)
2. Kitchens Of Distinction
Folly (2013)
3. Fucked Up
David Comes To Life (2011)
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