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turn it off, man, turn it off 5:37pm 1/22/2010  

As mentioned in my re-introductory post, i have fallen out of love with Facebook and Twitter. Now, i was never head over heels into the whole microblogging phenomenon, but lately i've found it harder and harder to ignore their shortcomings. Looking at my Facebook homepage, i find the stream of meaningless chirping (mixing terminology with Twitter here, but it works) maddening. It reminds me of the titular white noise in Don DeLillo's excellent novel ... a neverending torrent (more mixed internet metaphors) of mostly meaningless status updates. This sounds overly harsh against my innocent group friends, and for that i apologize ... i don't mean to denigrate what they put up on the web, but to indict the medium as a whole. Witty remarks or insightful posts get lost amid the slew of crap. At least for me, Facebook provides the illusion that i'm reconnecting with old friends while in reality the connection amounts to learning what they had for breakfast or who they like in this weekend's football games. It's representative of much of my current dissatisfaction with politics and media ... a lot of talking heads providing sound bites about topics that in no way, shape, or form lend themselves to such simplistic representations. However, i'm clearly in the minority on these developments as apparently most of the world would rather have their news and opinions shaped by easy-to-digest bullet points. It also is yet another weapon in the escalating war against intellectualism in this country. The resemblance to DeLillo's not-so-distant dystopian future where rampant consumerism limits the depth of human interaction and endeavors is frightening.

I must provide some disclaimers before going further ... 1) i am not suggesting that my Facebook/Twitter (TwitBook? Facer?), or fac13 posts are more valuable than anyone else's, 2) i am not suggesting that those who use and enjoy microblogging sites are inherently dumb, and 3) despite my distaste, i continue to use both Facebook and Twitter. As with most things i post here, this tirade is purely a means of me analyzing what is and isn't working for me at this point in time ... according to Unix, that would be exactly 1264209920 seconds after midnight, January 1, 1970.

As people who know me will attest, i need a bit more than 140 characters to really build up a head of steam in my ramblings. Therefore, i hope to shift more of my speculations back onto fac13 in the coming weeks and months, and leave my Facebook and Twitter pages to languish in disuse. Except for the occasional flood of Cafeworld messages as Vroo maintains my restaurant venture.

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